Internal Steelwork at Sugarfayre, Ashington

Sugarfayre manufacture edible food decorations in two modern food factories in the UK at Ashington, Northumberland. Both the facilities currently hold grade A BRC accreditation (a recognized GFSI scheme). They are part of DecoPac Inc. group, the World’s largest supplier of cake decorations.

Following on from the extension we build in 2015 for Sugarfayre, we were asked to fabricate and erect a mezzanine floor within the existing building. To do this we had to cut out and dig the foundations, taking spoil out of the building and off site. The foundations were set and holding down bolts cast in order to secure the steelwork. The steelwork was designed and fabricated in our factory in Amble and delivered to site. Our erection squad then professionally built the frame and the staircase, making sure that all aspects are correctly secured and aligned.

The mezzanine has been decked in galvanized steel and infilled with reinforced concrete in order to provide a solid floor.