Agricultural Building, Otterburn

Otterburn is a small village in Northumberland, England, 31 miles northwest of Newcastle Upon Tyne on the banks of the River Rede, near the confluence of the Otter Burn, from which the village derives its name.

This Agricultural building is compliant to BS5502 Class 2 and is fully CE compliant. It comprises of two steel portal frame buildings interlocking to form a T shape.  The main/largest section measures  12.00m wide x 42.7m long x 3.90m average height to eaves. The second, smaller section, measures 14.04m wide x 21.35m long x 3.44m average height to eaves.

The lower walls are made up of Precast concrete panels. The roof is clad in Profile 6 fibre cement roof sheets, and the sides are clad in box profile plastisol coated steel sheets.