Cox Agri, Stanley

Cox Agri supply a comprehensive range of quality stockbreeder products to farmers across the UK, through an extensive network of agricultural merchants.

Due to there increasing business, Northern Structures Limited  were awarded the contract to build a large extension to their warehouse in Stanley, County Durham.

The site is located upon made up ground, in an area synonymous with coal mining. This could have serious implications upon the buildings stability and could lead to subsidence. Therefore we employed the services of a specialist contracting firm to sure up the ground. In total over 180no. 20m holes holes were drilled into the site, each one was then pumped full of grout (a mixture of ash and cement).  Circa 600 tonnes of grout was used.

The site was then laid with hardcore and rolled flat. This gave a solid base for us to work from, and once trimmed up, forms the base level needed when laying a concrete floor.

Structural Engineers have calculated the foundation mass to support our building. Following their instructions, we set the foundations (including reinforced mesh cages) and installed the holding down bolts.

From our factory in Amble, we designed and fabricated the steelwork to our clients specification. Each beam is made to the exacting standards required by our CE accreditation. All steelwork is then treated with a coat of primer and a coat of paint; prior to being delivered to site.

Once on site, our expert erection team put up the steelwork up to form the steel frame. Glavanised purlins have been added to allow cladding to be fitted.

The whole building has been clad using Kingspan insulated composite panels. Sky lights have been installed within the roof to allow natural light to flood the warehouse. Concrete panels have been installed around the base of the frame. This gives a  hard-wearing perimeter to the the building.

Two electrically operated sectional doors (one with a raised loading bay) and three fire exit / personnel doors have been fitted to give access.

Access doors have also been installed between the existing building and new extension. The door ways have been made to accommodate a fork lift so that stock can be transported easily around the building.

Gas fired space blowers, electric lighting and fans have been installed to the extension.

Internally, we have laid a concrete floor. It has a power float finish to give  smooth, hard-wearing, finish.  This has subsequently been given a coat of sealant to ensure a perfect finish and very high wear resistant properties.

Externally, we have created an enlarged parking area to the front and side of the new extension, using block paving. We have also installed a new drainage system to carry rainwater way from the building and into the mains drainage system.

A smoking shelter and a bicycle shelter have been installed.